collaborative design tool for
decentralized organizations


designing a dao just
got a lot easier

  • An overview of all design decisions to successfully deploy a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

  • Work as a team and quickly iterate key areas, together.

  • Accessible to all: no blockchain or coding knowledge needed.

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born and raised in a dao

The DAO Canvas is a direct, co-created result of the collaborative work by members of the Genesis DAO.The tool is used to guide groups through the process of making the most vital decisions they face in the process of imagining their DAO: soft and hard governance, on-chain logic and off-chain group dynamics. Although focused on DAOstack's technology, the canvas works can also be used for non-blockchain native organisations.The process of defining and exploring your DAO’s structure and purpose with the canvas will finesse your use case, provide a powerful educational experience and generate high quality team dialogue that leads to  action.DAO Design Canvas has been used all around the world and has successfully designed the CuraDAO, the dHack, and more.

the author

Felipe Duarte works on DAOstack's communications team and is the principal org designer for DAOfest. He is a member of the Genesis DAO, where he had his first experiences with blockchain.

Originally an artist and activist, his experience on the ground during Brazil’s social upheavals have shifted his reflections towards restructuring society and leveraging decentralized organizations. His work conspires to evolve how we relate to each other with our personal narratives. He seeks to bridge tried and true social innovation methods with the universe of blockchain and DAOs.